website design animated explainer videosAlthough Logo Street are based in Newport, Gwent, South Wales, we create marketing videos for websites globally. Most of our clients however are based in Cardiff, Bristol, London and other UK cities.

Whenever you see an awesome marketing video, you can guarantee that plenty of time has been spent on creative thought. Extensive thought must go into the script and story board as well as editing and the choice of background music. Some videos will highly depend on background scenery too. If just one of these things fall short on quality then the whole video could be ruined. Therefore, we are going to explain in detail on how to make your videos look great.

What equipment do I need for website videos?

You can make stunning looking videos using a decent Android or iPhone. Mobile smart phones have great built in microphones these days as well as the camera lens. Along with a tripod and lots of practice, you’ll be creating video clips for your digital marketing purposes. With practice, the better you will become and you’ll be holding the camera almost as steady as a tripod.

Choosing between portrait or landscape for marketing videos

marketing videos for websitesFor YouTube and website videos, holding the camera in the landscape position is very much preferred. This way, you avoid those amateur looking “black bars” on each side of your marketing videos for websites. Personally I never hold the camera in the portrait position, but portrait can be great for certain social media platforms.

Still photos are sometimes good to use in a video, especially for the intro or outro. Several portrait images can also be blended together using Photoshop, giving a landscape image as a final result. Just remember that if you’re making a video in landscape, any images used should be in landscape too.

Using images within videos for websites

Depending on the video, you might want a chart displayed or a product photo such as shampoo for example. As a rule of thumb, if the video is shot in portrait, use portrait images. Landscape videos will ideally want landscape images and so on. Take into account any captions to accompany certain images and the length of time displayed on the screen. 1 second can be too long or too short, so it is important to keep this in mind.

PNG photos in 300dpi or higher will give a nice, crisp image. Additionally, having animation graphics, such as a spinning logo for an intro or outro will greatly improve the impact of marketing videos. Including caption text at certain points on relevant images as well as throughout the video gives your creation that added touch.

Background music for marketing videos

It’s advisable to have pen and paper handy at all times because film ideas can enter your mind at any moment. Always try to do this when starting video projects. Script and storyboard ideas can leave your memory just minutes after you have thought of them, so jot them down whilst they are fresh in your mind.

One word per second is the general rule of thumb although you’ll need to time yourself when reading it over. For timing yourself, use the stopwatch function on your smart phone because most phones have them these days.

Videos for websites – Conclusion

Making videos is not for everybody because not everyone enjoys putting in the thought and effort into them. If you need any marketing videos for websites or social media, Logo St. Marketing will be more than happy to help. We also give plenty of video marketing tips on our social media channels.

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