animated video marketingStart up and established SMEs such as builders, electricians, carpenters etc, seem to leave out animated video marketing strategies. Many of these types of businesses fail to grasp the importance of social media too. Ignoring social media or video marketing is a very big mistake.

Contractors are being aimed at here, because I’ve seen so many contractors recently fold in cities like Cardiff and Bristol. I’m pretty sure there are many other local and national businesses that have failed too. It’s because they never took their advertising seriously enough. This is a huge problem both nationally and globally.

So let’s discuss 10 reasons why animated video marketing, alongside PR and social media, is essential for today’s local businesses. Let’s jump straight to the key points without any further waffle.

10 Advantage Points of Animated Video Marketing

  1. Starting a social media business page (Facebook, Twitter etc) is both simple and free of charge. Millions of people use these channels daily. Tie this in with VideoMarketing to place yourself in front of your target audience.
  2. There are people, millions of people, worldwide, searching for your services daily as I am writing this blog post. If you’re not on social media, then they will not find you. They will however, find your rivals instead.
  3. So many of your competitors are using social media. However, their content fails to meet the mark. They write crappy content which simply does not appeal to them. I’m talking about lengthy boring text and lengthy boring videos. They do it themselves without the assistance of a professional marketing agency. They cut corners in order to save a bit of cash.
  4. Your target market isn’t stupid. They know whether you’re an amateur or professional depending on how you market your business. Poor marketing content will give you a poor response.
  5. Your rivals that are on social media fail to use animated video marketing. You can use this to your advantage today. The cost of having a professionally made animated video has gone down in price recently, compared to a few years ago. This is one of the many reasons why most of today’s internet traffic is video. Research dictates that over 75% of internet traffic will be video as opposed to reading text. Can you really afford to be left out of this explosion?


5 More Advantages of VideoMarketingwordpress website

  1. YouTube is the “go to” place to watch a short video, whether it is real life or animated video. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine and is now owned by Google. Other video channels such as Vimeo are also growing in popularity. Now is the time to harness this to your advantage.
  2. Couple your video marketing efforts with SEO as well as social media, especially if you have a website. There are several methods of doing this. If you’re a contractor then chances are that you won’t have as much knowledge in the SEO field. Marketers on the other hand will have some knowledge, or have access to experts in this area.
  3. A PR agency will have access to writers, journalists and the media. They can help if your desire is to be trusted and well liked by the public. Do you want Joe Public to view you as the trustworthy [insert your profession here] to go to? If you’re seen as friendly and trustworthy, will this enhance your business? Will an animated short video help you achieve this goal?
  4. VideoMarketing content is king. Correctly worded text, relevant imagery, professionally structured video marketing. All these things play a key part in the growth of your business. It’s very important that I feel that I must say it twice. Video marketing content is king!
  5. Be consistent in your VideoMarketing strategy. Your rivals will never lag and neither should you. As your market grows, so will your marketing efforts. The vast majority of big businesses fail due to taking their foot off the pedal. Complacency and inconsistency can kill a business in a heartbeat!
I hope you found this blog post useful?

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Once you have your video and traditional marketing strategy nailed, then the only way is up. I often ask myself, out of all the businesses that have folded, how many of them were just inches away from the gold? Keep digging. You never know, you too might be just inches away from what you’re aiming to achieve ;0)

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