There isn’t a single reason why your business should not have a website. However, there are plenty of reasons why all businesses should have one.

Having a website does your business no harm whatsoever because it can only help increase your profit. You have full control of your website content because it would be your online presence on show. However, you might not have used WordPress or never heard of SEO before etc. These tasks are not a problem when using a good web designer and the cost of owning a website has fallen massively over the past few years. need website

So with all this being said, now is the best time to grow an online presence. We are now going to dive into the top 5 reasons why your business needs a website.

  • Attract new customers
  • Establish your place in the industry
  • Your competitors have websites
  • The falling costs of owning a website
  • Ensure your success over the long term

There are many other reasons for owning a website, but let’s concentrate on these top 5 reasons in more detail.

Attract new customers

A website is a great tool for showcasing your services or product. Your customers shop differently these days because of the e-Commerce explosion and the way we access data on our smart phones. Research shows us that 81% of people go online to research a product, service or business prior to making a purchase decision. wordpress website

Having a website will act as your 24/7 sales agent whilst you are asleep. Think of it as your “always on” business advocate, no matter what time of the day it is. When incorporated with your social media pages, SEO and killer content, you’ll be standing out of the crowd.

Establish your place in the industry

Establishing yourself is achieved by having certain sections on your website dedicated to solving problems or giving tips etc. If done correctly you will be establishing new relationships with visitors to your site because it will be giving them value.

Some businesses will take advantage of having a blog on their website. With a blog you can post useful articles for your niche. Killer blog articles with images or video included in the content will tell search engines that your website is useful. Search engines such as Google, Bing etc will rank your pages higher when optimising your useful web content.

Stay above your competition

With more and more of your potential customers going on the internet to find things these days, your competitors are right before their eyes. If most of your business comes from word of mouth, then how can they recommend your website if you don’t have one? Having a valuable website can be on people’s lips if your content is good enough.

Once you have a website, you can use social media, leaflets, business cards etc to drive people to your website. Your potential customers are finding what they need online these days, right in the palm of their hand 24/7. Do you really want them ending up buying from your business rivals? If not, then get in on the action by having a website that converts. Logo St will make your marketing easier with a website that converts. This is so that you can concentrate on running your business. web design

Website prices have tumbled over the years

Long gone are the days when you needed £20,000 for a top notch website. You can get the same top quality site for a few hundred pounds these days. Now I’m not saying that cheap is always best. Far from it. I’m saying that there are plenty of affordable marketers online these days, some of which are good and yes, unfortunately there are many useless ones too. They might be able to design a website that looks nice, but that’s all they do.

With Logo St, our prices are very competitive and we are envied by many established web designers out there. That’s because they can’t believe our prices and services we give to you the customer. Feel free to checkout our web design page by clicking here.

Ensures your long term success

If you haven’t yet got a website for your business, then ask yourself what are you waiting for? The longer you leave it, the longer you will remain invisible to your potential customers who will buy elsewhere because they cannot find you. It’s no good being the best in your profession if you remain invisible on the internet.


Having a website saves so much time too because all the information your customer needs is right there in front of them. They don’t have to ring or ask you repetitive questions if you already have the FAQs on your website 24/7. As you bring out new offers you can instantly show them off to the world. You can update your company information anytime as and when needed, all with the ease of having a website.

So if you can see the value and benefits of having a cost effective website then do get in touch. We will happily create a stunning responsive WordPress website with standard SEO and marketing assistance included. Our affordable websites are ideal for start-ups, charities, established SME’s and big firms alike.

Logo St. Marketing. Call us on 07549 273274. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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