logo st marketing videoMarketing videos are very beneficial. However, it is often over looked.

From builders to accountants and plumbers to solicitors, one thing is apparently clear. Research shows that so many of you rely on word of mouth to attract new customers.

This is great, but only to an extent. Ask yourselves if this is honestly sustainable. How much longer can you simply rely on just word of mouth? With new rivals popping up around you, relying solely on word of mouth will eventually eat into your market share.

Let’s not be mistaken. Word of mouth or recommendations are very helpful for any established business. However, relying on word of mouth alone can make you ignore your content marketing strategy. New start ups these days have up to date content on their websites, brochures and social media platforms.

Companies that have been around for several years tend to ignore their website or literature that they’ve produced decades ago. In the age of digital marketing, things can swiftly become out dated.

Marketing videos for established SMEs and start up businesses

newport cardiff london bristol ukHave you ever thought of animated marketing videos? Including video in your marketing strategy can work wonders for your business. Imagine a carpenter having an animated short film made, showing him to be the friendly, knowledgeable carpenter to go to. If other rival carpenters are already video marketing themselves in this way, then they will eventually become the popular choice.

Do you really want to risk getting left behind like this? Now that Lidl have stepped up their video marketing efforts, Tesco are now concerned about their market share slipping!

Stay ahead of your game! Consider having animated videos made to attract new customers, if you are not already doing so. A marketing firm such as Logo St. will guide you every step of the way into producing a catchy short commercial video. This can be done for you within 7 days. It’s not as expensive as you may think and they can incorporate a social media plan for you too.

These types of videos will be enjoyed by your target audience who are looking for your services. This can only add value to your business, whether you’re a start up or an established outfit.

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