Video marketing and it’s purpose

The purpose of a video marketing strategy is to attract customers and keep them interested in your product. The people at Logo St. are experts in video marketing. Logo St. can assist in locating and addressing your target market. We do this by listening to what your target market has to say and providing solutions to their problems. If your desire is to establish your business or services for your target market, then please continue reading this blog post.

marketing videoEverybody likes a good story, especially stories which they can relate to. Logo St. will spread your content for 4 weeks using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Your services, stories and solutions will be included in your content. This will grow your audience and keep them interested in your services.

Your target market will appreciate an engaging explainer video with added value. These are the sort of videos that will encourage your audience to contact you and ask questions about your services.

Our videos are designed to make you come across as the skillful and trustworthy guy to turn to. What a great opportunity for you to gain clients. Once we’ve finished creating your video, we’ll throw in an animated outtro of your logo free of charge. This will be attached to the end of your video, giving it that added professional look.

Click here for examples of some animated logos.

Logo St. Video Marketing

All animated videos we supply are in full HD quality and created with care. They can be embedded on your websites as well as your social media platforms. The idea is to have your marketing videos strategically viewed by your targeted audience. This will increase the chances of them buying from you.

Your video will include a professionally scripted voice over and will take around seven days to complete. We will then implement a tailor made 4 week social media marketing plan. This will increase awareness of your brand and your target market will grow. If planned correctly, you will be winning new clients fast.

Send an email via our contact form or call 07549 273274 to find out more about our video marketing services.

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