powerful secretsAccording to recent research, around 40% of global websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress. Compare this figure to Wix, Joomla and Square Space which only powers about 5% of global websites combined. This statistic alone should answer the old question of “which platform should I use for my website”. Although due to themes and plugins, not much resource heavy css or Java is needed, it is still advisable to have some knowledge of coding. Including some coding into your WordPress website has the potential to create something very powerful. However, plugins (which can slow your site down) practically eliminates the need to use code these days which is great for the beginner. So with that being said, let’s jump straight into the powerful secrets of SEO and WordPress.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is defined in Wikipedia as ‘the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s natural or unpaid (organic) search results’. Although there are plenty of search engines to choose from, SEO has become synonymous with one in particular. That search engine is Google. In most of today’s world Google holds the highest position, with around 90% of the global market share. This includes the UK, America and other western, African and Asian countries.

Why should you choose a WordPress website for SEO?

Although SEO is a somewhat complicated subject, several plugins for the WordPress platform has really simplified SEO tasks. No other CMS platform has plugins as effective as Yoast SEO or WP-Optimiser. These plugins are not compatible with any other web building platform because they were created exclusively for WordPress users. Both plugins work hand in hand to improve the SEO score, speed and efficiency of any WordPress website. I like to think of these combined plugins as my “powerful secrets”. With Wix or Weebly sites etc. it becomes more complicated to make those websites faster or rank high in search engines using on-page SEO.

optimise seoChoosing WordPress makes sense because SEO is proven to be the most cost effective way grow your website’s traffic. The more traffic your website attracts, the more conversions your website will give you. WordPress websites perform better than other platforms by far. This is probably why a growing number of website owners are currently switching to WordPress.

Is your website out-dated? Does it work properly on tablets and mobile devices? If your website is problematic then try checking it with this handy, free to use SEO checker. In my job I use this free tool daily and I’ve checked websites built on several CMS and coded platforms. The before and after testing of my ‘powerful secrets’ coupled with successful backlinking greatly increases SEO ranking of my websites.

So to conclude…

You can revamp your old site and transfer it onto the WordPress platform at very affordable prices these days. This is because the cost of owning a website has fallen drastically over the past few years. WordPress has made website ownership extremely cost effective and continue to eat up the market share. At WP’s current growth rate, over 50% of global websites will be built using this powerful platform. The ‘powerful secrets’ of SEO and WordPress keeps evolving.

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