Website design‘Why should my marketing be outsourced’? I hear you ask.

So many companies out there will say things such as ‘we don’t need any advertising’. Yet they appear in the yellow pages, attend networking events, print business cards etc.

Ignoring a marketing strategy can be costly to your business in the long run.

Even relying on ‘word of mouth’ is still marketing or advertising to some extent.

I can talk for ages about the benefits of letting an expert handle your advertising. However, I like to keep blog posts short and to the point, so here is a list of six key benefits.

The 6 reasons for outsourcing your marketing are as follows:

  1. Are you a marketing professional? Or are you an SME hairdresser, accountant, electrician or whatever your chosen profession? Because if you’re a marketer or PR specialist on top of whatever you do, then you fall into the category of “Jack of All Trades”.
  2. So, you’re the best at your chosen profession, but your targeted audience doesn’t know this yet. That’s probably because you can’t find the time to do your job, plus advertise to your potential customers simultaneously. Allowing a professional, cost effective PR & marketing firm such as BGlobal PR or Logo St. allows you to free up time to run your company.
  3. If your rivals are out sourcing their PR & advertising, then they will always be ahead of you in your game. For example, if your competitors are using effective advertising on social media, then you’ll need to produce better adverts. This takes time and effort on top of “doing your trade”. Our trade is PR & marketing and we take advertising to a new level!
  4. Having another “pair of eyes” on board will enhance on how your business is marketed, allowing you to discover opportunities that never previously existed. When choosing a PR or marketing firm, check to see if they are professionally accredited and choose one which gives an initial free consultation. We are members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and we are hard working and enthusiastic about what we do.
  5. Check out our cost effective marketing plans. For example, Logo St. will provide animated social media advertising for local SMEs from just £25. Wide range of marketing packages that will be tweaked specifically for you and your business or organisation.
  6. The sooner you out source your cost effective marketing, the sooner you will reap the rewards!

Logo St. can add value to your business or organisation. Please contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

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